Posted 1/21/2022

A. Scriabin, Prelude Op. 17 No. 3

A beautiful and captivating prelude from Alexander Scriabin.

Recorded @2019, Mason & Hamlin BB.

Posted 1/20/2022

J. Silva: Two Wills

An original composition for flute and piano to accompany a contempory ballet 'pas de deux’ piece. Choreography by Sarah Mettin.

Recorded live ©2015. John Silva (piano, Steinway B), Margaret Claudin (flute), danced by Sierra Levin and Jonathan Tavares.

Posted 1/22/2022

Ravel: Fugue

This fugue is from Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin, a collection of pieces each with a pleasantly different character. It is an uncharacteristically calm and beautiful fugue.

Recorded ©2008, Steinway D.

Posted 1/20/2022

F. Liszt - Bagatelle Without Tonality

I came across an old casual audio recording of me playing this interesting piece. It’s not 20th century atonality but the tonal centre is entertainingly ambiguous.

Recorded ©2008 on  1925 Steinway L.

"His technique is prodigious, his knowledge of the repertoire is well informed, his interpretation is convincing and distinctive, and his connection with the audience is unforced and disarmingly accessible.”

- Ronald Alan Matthews, DMA